One image to say it all?

Not quite. But it says a lot. Look closely. You see the ball cap? That’s my dear old alma mater, Arizona State University where I studied comparative religions and graduated from the Barrett Honors College. After ASU, I earned a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird Graduate School for International Management and then my Master’s of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. So that’s the hat.

What else is there? Glasses. Prescription and shaded. This says: I love the outdoors and have increasingly poor vision. As to the latter, I’ll just say that I am the father of twin girls. They’ve have kept me spry! I think that’s a pastoral way of putting it. Thank goodness for my beautiful and talented wife, a Unitarian Universalist entrepreneur ( in her own right.

You’ll note the five o’clock shadow. It’s a good time to be alive as current social trends favor a little bristle on the neck and jowls. My girls call it cactus face, which makes sense as I am a child of the desert, born and raised in the southwest. In fact, that body of water behind me is the Sea of Cortez, final resting place of the Colorado river after it runs its course through the Grand Canyon. This means the photo was taken in Mexico. The Borderlands highlight both the work we need to do as a compassionate nation and the joy that is possible when cultures come together.

Of course the posture depicted in the photo is one easily attained after 7 years of ministry in the Unitarian Universalist tradition (currently called to Mountain Vista UU in Tucson). Always open to the spirit moving to preach. Even on the beach! Maybe especially. Reflection (sermon) topics most dear to my heart include consciousness, ontology, practical theology, dismantling patriarchy and white supremacy systems, and other justice concerns.

Let’s see, what am I missing? Oh, the halo thing? By my enthusiasm to indulge the photographer in this staging, you may surmise two truths that create one paradox. Truth #1: I take myself too seriously. Truth #2: I don’t take myself very seriously. I think those two truths, applied in equal measure, convey the secret of some kind of happiness. I’ve tried to give you some happiness here in this bio. Hope the schtick worked.